Spawgaz-Plus’ industrial projects:

The Bazar Poznański Hotel, Poznań
Water, sewage, heating and sanitary systems.

Energo Spaw, Poznań
More than a dozen industrial installations.

An overhaul of a boiler plant and a production line

An overhaul of a boiler plant and a production line

Ermont, Suchy Las
Gas, water and sewage, fire safety and heating systems.

Homeowner association Grobla 6, Poznań
Water and sewage system.

Korona II Pęgów, near Oborniki Śląskie
Steam boiler plant with steam and condensate transfer system.

WARTA-TUR, Warszawa
Installation of an exhaust system with an oil system and thermal insulation at an electric power generator.

Karolin CHP plant, Poznań
Ice water installation.

IBC, Warszawa
Fuel system for electric power generators.

Korona II Pęgów, near Wrocław
Execution of steel construction for a production-storage hall and an adjacent operating platform.

Ławica Airport, Poznań (new and old terminal)
Fuel and exhaust systems for an electric power generator.

Mezon Klima Sp. z o. o., Luboń
Central heating and ice water installations at industrial and commercial facilities.

The Presidential Residence, Jurata
Exhaust system for an electric power generator.

As well as several dozens of water and sewage, heating and gas systems in detached houses and apartment buildings.